martedì 15 novembre 2016


  • What I want to show in this article

In this short article I'll show you some of my meteorological picture.

I am an amateur photographerbut I know the technical principles of panoramic photography.
I always snap outdoors, large views and landscapes: all these foto are in "full manual" set-up.
Enjoy with my recent shoots!

Isolated tree nearby Milan: 
21 mm 1/500 f/11 ISO400

Intense colors in Autumn:
18 mm 1/320 f/6.3 ISO200

The beauty of Como Lake (Lecco):
19 mm 1/500 f/11 ISO400

The Super-Moon:
300 mm 1/500 f/9 ISO100 exp(-0.7)

  • I hope you enjoyed my meteorological photos: these are some example only, but I swill show you lots of my photo slowly. In this website, I alternate meteorology article and meteorological photos.

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  1. complimenti per le bellissime foto !! da emanuele lemon band